Management appointments

13 February 2003 08:05 - Royal BAM Group nv

Royal BAM Group will be forming three new operating companies in the course of 2003 to address the Dutch construction and property market, viz. BAM Utiliteitsbouw (general construction), BAM Woningbouw (housebuilding) and BAM Vastgoed (property).

The new general construction company will incorporate BAM Nelissen Van Egteren and HBG Utiliteitsbouw, with BAM Wilma and HBG Woningbouw forming the new housebuilding unit and BAM NBM Vastgoed merging with HBG Vastgoed for the property activities.

The Executive Board has appointed the managing directors who will head these companies and lead the integration process.

The board of  BAM Nelissen Van Egteren and HBG Utiliteitsbouw will be made up of H.W.J. Bol (chairman), T.E. van der Ven and R.P. van Wingerden, effective 1 January 2003.

The board of  BAM Wilma and HBG Woningbouw will be made up of L. Dragt (chairman), D.J. Boonstra and J.H.A. Vaags, effective 1 January 2003, with C.J. Hartman appointed adviser to this board.

The board of  BAM NBM Vastgoed and HBG Vastgoed will be made up of R. de Jong (chairman), H. Bree (vice-chairman) and D. de Boer, effective 1 January 2003.

The Executive Board will be announcing plans for the integration of the companies in the civil engineering sector shortly. Royal BAM Group (formed on 14 November 2002 by the merger of Royal BAM NBM and HBG) ranks among the ten largest construction groups in Europe. The Group achieves an annual turnover of €8.5 billion (pro forma 2001), is market leader in the Netherlands and has a combined workforce in excess of 30,000.

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