Mos acquires the drainage activities of BAM Nelis De Ruiter

3 February 2015 09:26 - Royal BAM Group nv

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 3 February 2015 – BAM Infra has transferred the drainage activities of its subsidiary BAM Nelis De Ruiter, to Mos Grondwatertechniek. Mos Grondwatertechniek has expertise in groundwater control and dewatering. The transaction includes nine employees, work in progress, and plant and equipment.

BAM Nelis De Ruiter is based at Halfweg, the Netherlands and Mos Grondwatertechniek has offices in Heinenoord, Amsterdam and Wanica, Suriname.

The annual sales from them for BAM Infra were approximately € 2 million. The transaction is part of the current organizational streamlining that BAM is implementing through its Back-in-shape programme.

Mos Grondwatertechniek ( specialises in all activities involving soil and groundwater. The company conducts research into soil and groundwater, advises on the excavation and design and delivers all types of dewatering and drainage schemes. The activities mainly relate to the management of (ground) water especially for construction projects. The type of drainage is determined by the size and depth of the excavation in relation to the soil structure and groundwater conditions (water table, aquifer, permeability, groundwater) and the requirements for depletion, settlement and discharge of the water produced.

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