New Warner Brothers theme park in Madrid

8 April 2002 21:56 - Royal BAM Group nv

The new Warner Brothers theme park in Madrid recently opened its gates. Grupo Dragados was responsible for the construction of two out of the five themed areas: Hollywood Boulevard and Super Heroes.

Hollywood Boulevard presents the American movie world. Most of the restaurants and shops in the park are concentrated in this area, too. It also has a 3D cinema.

Superman and Batman are the two stars of the Super Heroes area. The main attraction here is a gigantic rollercoaster, which is one of the largest in Europe, with a total length of 1000 metres and reaching a height of 35 metres. There are four other attractions besides this, together with a virtual simulation theatre.

Construction of some of the facilities was extremely complex, such as the foundations for the rollercoaster. The same is true of the outside walls of the themed buildings, which the Warner Brothers specifications described down to the last detail, so that they resemble the genuine Hollywood studios as closely as possible. Warner Brothers expect to receive 2.5 million visitors a year in Madrid.