RijnDijk Groep acquires BAM Steel Structures

19 November 2004 10:17 - Royal BAM Group nv

Bunnik, Netherlands, 19 November 2004 – Royal BAM Group nv and RijnDijk Groep bv have reached agreement concerning the acquisition of BAM Steel Structures bv in Schiedam by RijnDijk Groep. The discussions, announced 11 October 2004, have now been brought to a conclusion.

The merger will create a high-quality, specialised steel-processing company. BAM Steel Structures’ alignment with a company engaged in similar activities will result in synergistic advantages, which Royal BAM Group can only offer to a limited extent. This applies to the area of production and exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as to the sales and marketing approach. As far as can be foreseen at present, the merger will have no negative impact on the employees concerned.

The parties are not disclosing details of the selling price.

Further information:

A.C. Pronk, +31 (0)30 659 86 21.