Singapore grows a little bit every day

9 May 2001 17:12 - Royal BAM Group nv

The work goes on day and night, year in, year out. An international armada of dredgers will be busy expanding the land area of Singapore until 2006. Millions of cubic metres of sand and clay fill are being transported and placed to meet the huge requirement for industrial development land. Companies are lining up for sites on which to build their factories. The new land has already been parcelled out even before it breaks the surface ...

Once it was just seven small islands off the coast of Singapore, but now Jurong Island is an immense industrial area, mainly occupied by the petrochemical industry. At the beginning of 1999, HAM was part of a consortium that won the contract to construct an area of reclaimed land extending to 977 hectares. This work is currently still in full swing, but the development company Jurong Town Corporation has already let a repeat contract for another 550 hectares. Moreover, the latest contract includes the construction of the port area Tuas View B, with an area of 950 hectares, and that is only half of the overall increase in the land area on which work has started in this part of Singapore. These huge land reclamation projects are worth many billions of pounds. The contract to expand the Jurong Island includes the construction of a twin oil tanker jetty and an oil pipeline. The dredging consortium has subcontracted this work to a joint venture made up of Interbeton and McConnell Dowell.