Tebodin secures large management and consultancy contract in Poland

12 June 2001 15:35 - Royal BAM Group nv

The Hague, the Netherlands – Tebodin, Consultants & Engineers, has been commissioned by the European Union to set up a Project Preparation Facility to assist the Polish government in carrying out some estimated 800 investment projects to be funded under the Social and Economic Cohesion Fund of the European Phare Programme.

Tebodin will be carrying out project appraisals, feasibility studies and environmental impact reports as well as preparing technical specifications and tender documentation. The project is due to take sixteen months, and is worth in excess of € 4 million to Tebodin.

Phare is a European Union programme for funding projects supporting economic and social reforms in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as supporting institutional development, investments in social and economic cohesion and cross border co-operation. It includes projects in agriculture, manufacturing, banking, energy, environmental protection, healthcare, trade and services, among other sectors. A considerable proportion of the Phare budget has been earmarked for preparing the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for future entry to the EU. This means that Phare supports these countries in the implementation of EU regulations.

The majority of the projects in Poland for 2000 and 2001 – for which under the Phare 2000 programme €130 million has been approved – concerns improvements in the transport and environmental infrastructure sector [approx. 700 projects]. Further projects are concerned with the SME and productive sector and human resources development. In order to ensure the long-term success of these projects, Tebodin will be preparing manuals and providing training courses for more than 800 officials from eight local authorities [‘voivodships’].

Tebodin, Consultants & Engineers, is an independent, multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm. Tebodin offers clients around the world the experience and expertise of more than 2000 staff, specialising in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, telecommunications and buildings, oil and gas, and also the food industry and consumer products. Tebodin has a dense network of offices, particularly in Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe, in addition to establishments in the Middle East and the Caribbean. The company’s turnover is approximately €140 million.

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