Procurement within BAM

Procurement within BAM is about all activities that result in an invoice and/or applications for payment. Procurement focusses to deliver a strong procurement performance on the projects and create value and higher margins. BAMs vendors are vital to the success of our business.

There are six steps in the Procurement process, which are applicable to both direct and indirect spend, project agreements, and procurement framework agreements and include all vendors: subcontractors, material suppliers and service providers.

Procurement process

Every year, BAM spends significant sums on procuring materials and services to support our business activities. The Procurement model creates value, lowers risks and drives higher margins through proactive management, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We leverage our scale and expertise throughout the project lifecycle, creating trust and sustainable relationships with our vendors.

‘Together, building a stronger business’

BAM Procurement has four strategic objectives:


  1. Improve processes, develop people and systems


  1. Strengthen partnerships with suppliers


  1. Increase early involvement of procurement


  1. Leverage BAM scale and expertise

Our ambition is for all BAM procurement across the value chain to be conducted in a consistent way, supported by data and digitally enabled, to maximise benefits of long-term supplier partnerships and leveraging BAM scale.

Procurement Organisation

Procurement is a centralized function within BAM: all Procurement teams report into our Chief Procurement Officer. The different procurement teams are working on Group level as well as within the different Operating Companies of BAM. We are centrally organised with local presence. The local presence is key in being part of BAMs tender and project teams, where Procurement is part of. The majority of our Procurement personnel is working within Tender and Project Procurement within the Operating Companies. The local procurement teams cooperate and link with the central teams of Category Management, Indirect Procurement and Procurement Excellence.

Procurement organisation