Procurement within BAM

Procurement within BAM deals with all activities that result in an invoice and/or payment obligation. Procurement focuses to deliver a strong procurement performance on the projects and on generating added value and higher margins. BAM's vendors are essential to the success of our business.

The procurement process consists of six steps applicable to both direct and indirect procurement, project contracts and framework agreements and includes all vendors: subcontractors, material suppliers and service providers.

Procurement Proces

Procurement Proces

Every year, BAM spends significant amounts on the procurement of materials and services needed to support our construction projects. The procurement model creates value, lower risks and higher margins through proactive management, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We extend our economies of scale and expertise across our project cycle by building trust and establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers.

Core topics Procurement

In addition to contributing to projects, BAM Procurement works on the following topics:

  • Safety and sustainability in the supply chain
  • Strengthen active involvement of category management in the projects
  • Implement the supplier pyramid at regional level
  • Data driven decision making
  • Simplifying and optimising procurement processes and associated systems

Procurement organisation

Procurement is centrally organised within BAM with collaboration between our NL division and our UK&l division:

  • BAM NL: The various procurement teams in the Netherlands report to the Director of Procurement Netherlands. We are centrally organised, with local presence. 
  • BAM UK: Centralisation of the various procurement teams is ongoing. The procurement teams report or will report to the Director Procurement & Supply Chain Management. Nowadays some of the teams are centralized and other teams are locally organised.

The majority of our purchasing employees work within Tender and Project Purchasing within the various BAM companies. Local presence is indispensable to be part of tender and project teams. Purchasing is part of these teams.

In addition, the local procurement teams collaborate and interact with the centrally organised teams of Category Management, Indirect Procurement and Procurement Excellence and Procurement Services. Some of the centralised teams work for both the NL- and UK&l divisions.