Vendor relations

BAM's vendors are vital to the success of our business. A high percentage of our turnover is procured, so it is important to create trustworthy and sustainable relationships with our vendors. Our success is linked to the success of our supply chain.


Every year BAM spends significant sums on procuring goods and services to support our thousands of construction projects. The majority of our spend consists of subcontracting packages.

On a yearly basis BAM has approximately 41,000 vendors supporting our different operating companies in realising our civil and construction and property projects. Our vendors are part of the entire value chain of our operations.

The broad spectrum of goods and services procured ranges from categories like installation works, concrete, steel, facades, equipment, fleet, facility services and IT. Depending on the category we aim for creating benefits cross-project, cross-company or cross-country.

Managing our vendors

We manage our vendor base focused on bringing value to BAM and thus help bringing value to our customers. Trustworthy and sustainable relationships are important to us And  like to work with our key and preferred vendors. Engaging with them during our tender stage is key in winning projects. For BAM, this means being the partner of choice for our vendors while at the same time working together in line with our vision and targets.

Managing vendors also means measuring vendor performance. On a yearly basis we conduct thousands of vendor evaluations. These evaluations help in continuous improvements and choosing the right vendors for the projects.

  • Key vendor: Centralised custom approach focusing on the value of the relationship across BAM
  • Preferred vendor: Cross-project utilisation, opportunities and engagement cross-project, track performance
  • Approved vendor: Meets minimum for onboarding, engagement at project level


Vendor Code of Conduct

The Vendor Code of Conduct should work as a platform to secure the right behaviour for sustainable and trustful relationships between BAM and its vendors.