Improve the variety of life to enhance ecosystems

  • 2026: Biodiversity-positive alternatives to be offered in all A, B and C* tenders and developments with design in their scope
  • 2026: Evidenced biodiversity balanced on all projects in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • 2030: Aggregated positive impact on biodiversity
* BAM uses a classification system based on the size and risk profile of its projects, ranging from A (highest classification) to E. A, B, and C projects typically represent medium to large projects.
Sustainability SDG 15

The continuously increasing loss of species is a serious threat for the planet. The construction industry can play an important role in reversing the loss of variety of plant and animal life. BAM aims to contribute to SDG 15 by constructing nature-inclusive solutions and offering biodiversity improvement alternatives to clients. BAM’s ambition is to have an aggregated positive impact on biodiversity by 2030.