Climate adaption

Adapt the built environment to increase climate resilience

  • 2026: Climate-adaptive measures to be integrated in all BAM’s own developments
  • 2026: Offer climate-adaptive measures in all A, B and C* tenders with a design scope
  • 2030: Climate-adaptive measures to be integrated in all projects
* BAM uses a classification system based on the size and risk profile of its projects, ranging from A (highest classification) to E. A, B, and C projects typically represent medium to large projects.
Sustainability SDG 13

BAM aims to reduce the damaging effect of climate change on its construction projects by delivering climate-adaptive solutions. BAM plans to offer climate-adaptive measures, enabling its clients to choose options that make their assets more climate-resilient. In this way, BAM can contribute to climate action (SDG 13) through enabling a more climate-resilient built environment.