BAM uses artificial intelligence in digital asset management and predictive maintenance

For the sake of our economy, it is important that cities and mainports are easily accessible but it is equally important that they have an optimal through-flow of traffic. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help us utilise the existing infrastructure more efficiently and thereby support the flow of both people transports and goods logistics.

By drawing data from assets we can build digital twins of these assets and gain a more thorough understanding of their functioning. Artificial intelligence can help us simulate the asset’s future. As we see what developments are in store for this asset, we can prepare the measures necessary to ensure their optimal functioning years from today. We can enable them to communicate with other assets and with vehicles, which will result in combined data streams that create new insights and opportunities for optimisation.

Now, that’s an {Asset}


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Kitting Lee

Kitting Lee

Manager Commerce & Innovation, BAM Infra NL