BAM develops smart, fast cycling routes as partner in goinGDutch

As the pressure on the Dutch infrastructure continues to grow, BAM is rethinking the concept of mobility. A good example can be found in the work of goinGDutch, our partnership with Schiphol Airport, Microsoft and OrangeNXT. With interactive cycling routes and a specially developed bike assistant we aim to provide commuters with the ultimate cycling experience in crowded urban areas.



The mission of the aptly named goinGDutch is to improve accessibility and mobility around urban centres and airport cities while also making a significant contribution to road safety, a fitter working population and a reduction of the Netherlands’ carbon footprint. To achieve our mission, we are not only looking at improvements to the infrastructure but also at the development of services that can help promote cycling.

The new biking

The interactive ‘fast lanes’ of goinGDutch offer commuters a unique, safe and carefree cycling experience. Smart deployment of technology and real-time data ensure they have all relevant information to plan their daily journey. They can see which routes are the fastest and when is the best time to leave for work if they don’t want to get caught in the rain. They get a heads-up of green traffic lights and pointers to battery chargers and safe storage. With the help of the goinGDutch assistant (a smart interface) and the in-bike dashboard they keep track of how they are contributing to their own health and the sustainability of their environment.

Every fast lane is unique

At present, goinGDutch focuses mainly on fast cycling routes to and from Schiphol Airport. But we’re seeing a growing demand for innovative mobility concepts, and an increasingly important role for cycling in mobility solutions and more sustainable methods of transportation. goinGDutch was launched officially by the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, Stientje van Veldhoven, in September 2019. We see plenty of opportunities for creative solutions and have many new concepts and ideas under development. If you read this and wish to add to the creative process, you are more than welcome!

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