BAM leads the way in net-zero energy housing in the Netherlands

Innovations in construction can be part of the solution of major societal issues. With regard to residential construction, BAM has made a conscious decision to focus on innovations that directly benefit residents as well as BAM’s clients, such as social housing corporations. Net-zero housing is the perfect example: we can retrofit homes to generate enough energy for an entire household (or more). This means comfort and low costs for tenants, and guaranteed returns for our clients.

Certified concept

BAM has developed its net-zero housing concept as part of a programme to cut Dutch residential energy consumption, de Stroomversnelling (‘the Rapids’). So far, we have retrofitted 1,200 homes, which puts us in the lead. The results have been more than positive: residents have reduced their energy consumption and the homes have generated more energy than was expected.

Based on residents’ feedback and the input from data analysts and energy companies, we are continually working to improve our concept. This was one of the reasons why BAM was the first building company in the Netherlands to be awarded full NOM certification by Minister of the Interior Kajsa Ollongren. NOM (net-zero) certification stands for the official recognition that net-zero energy houses meet the required quality and performance standards.

Energy performance fee

Financially, the concept also contains a smart solution: retrofitted homes are energy-neutral, which means energy companies aren’t collecting any bills. Instead, tenants pay the housing corporation an energy performance fee, which is used to finance the renovations.

De Stroomversnelling

Together with three other building companies and six social housing corporations, BAM Wonen is a partner in the Stroomversnelling programme, whose final objective is to retrofit 111,000 Dutch social houses and make them into net-zero homes at no extra costs for tenants.

Conceptontwikkelaar Marnette Vroegop over nul-op-de-meter renoveren