100% Healthy Living Challenge

Mitros, the largest social housing organisation in Utrecht and Nieuwegein, set out to find the solution that would guarantee tenants a pleasant and healthy indoor environment following the renovation of their homes. Such homes would provide a healthy air quality without any draughts, moulds or excess damp or, in other words, would be completely healthy to live in.

The 100% GZND Wonen Challenge (100% Healthy Living Challenge) is all about a new, innovative way of renovating housing through working together. The idea devised by BRRIT+1 (of which BAM Energy Systems is a part) was one of the winners of the Challenge. Its solution puts users front and centre. It is a simple, all-encompassing and functional concept that can be widely applied. The BRRIT+1 concept consists of an innovative ventilation system with the following specifications:

  • No draughts felt thanks to the supply of fresh, preheated air via the central hallway
  • Constant high air quality due to a carbon and particulate indicator
  • Ease of operation due to the simplicity of the system

The result?

  • Healthy housing without damp, draughts or noise
  • Residential comfort for occupants
  • Easy-to-operate systems
  • Lower energy bills
  • User engagement thanks to periodic communication
100% Healthy Living Challenge

100% Healthy Living Challenge