To work for BAM!

In this series of publications we focus on what it is like to work for Royal BAM Group. Employees share their experiences, we dive into technical innovation and interesting projects. You can also read about recent events.

5 January 2017
A young and multi-national team

Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) project, Tanzania, the team design and engineering: two Dutchmen, a Sri Lankan and a lady from Greece.

15 December 2016
BIM is moving Moín forward

Modeller Elizabeth Vargas Zúñiga observes the effects of BIM on site in Costa Rica.

4 August 2016

This final video of the series features Janeth Abe: 'You can't learn too much from other cultures and nationalities!'

26 July 2016

Video: Project manager for the new Unilever headquarters in Indonesia, Benny Handoko, tells us why he chooses to work for BAM.

22 July 2016
Quarry blast in Norway

The geotechnical experts of BAM Ritchies went to Bremanger Quarry to carry out the biggest blast in the history of the company and Norwegian quarrying...

19 July 2016

'I meet many people from different parts of the world.'

14 July 2016
Living on campus, © ETH Zürich/Alessandro Della Bella.

© ETH Zürich/Alessandro Della Bella. BAM Swiss (Royal BAM Group’s subsidiary that operates in the Swiss construction market since 2012...

14 July 2016

Claudio Barros, enigineering manager for the new Unilever Headquarters for South East Asia, shares his experiences in this video. 

7 July 2016

'Life in a new country always offers both opportunities and challenges.'

30 June 2016

In this video Stan Aarts, Project Manager for Jebel Ali Terminal 4, Dubai, tells about his impressive project, which is at the peak of produ...

13 June 2016

Sanne Froukje de Haan on her CSR project in Tanzania

11 April 2016

A civil engineering student at Delft University of Technology is getting a taste of life on site on the Jebel Ali Terminal 4 project.

7 April 2016

BAM International’s new Corporate Safety Manager, Fergal Kelly. 

4 April 2016

Diversity in BAM International’s area Africa.

29 January 2016
Isabella Basuki and Theresia Christianti

Safety and the environment are in good hands at the Amarta project in Indonesia. Introducing Isabella Basuki and Theresia Christianti.

25 January 2016
Paolo Gatta

Life is good and so is work at the site of Moín Container Terminal in Costa Rica. Newly-arrived Engineer at BAM International Paolo Gatta repo...

15 January 2016

BAM International’s Gulf and Middle East branch honoured 95 employees who had been in the company’s service for an extended time.

5 November 2015

‘Measure twice, cut once,’ as the old saying goes. With new technology proving to be the perfect measuring tool, the twenty-first century ...